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Our Hearts in Action

Resourceful Stewardship

When God gives Ruby’s Heart Ministries assets, we know He has someone who needs them. We have come to understand that our calling is to be a catalyst of stewardship. We are called to manage found treasures for his Kingdom’s purpose,  and we acknowledge that we are never to lose sight that the “things” (or treasures as we like to call them) are simply conduits of demonstrating tangible, practical love.

Seeing Hidden Treasures

The key with finding hidden treasures is first to acknowledge everything has a purpose. It requires creativity and being open to what the LORD is doing. When we accept the call, we typically see a purpose and a person in need that the Hidden Treasure can fulfill. This value of a Hidden Treasure goes much deeper than objects. When you embrace all of God’s creation, every person has purpose and is a treasure to be discovered.  Every treasure becomes an answer to prayer and every circumstance is filled with hope!

Faith and Obedience

The journey of faith is one that leads us further into a more clear understanding of the heart of God. It unfolds maps that call us to trust the LORD more and ourselves less. Life teaches us that the only thing worth living for is Jesus and his Kingdom being established. Our greatest calling is to support the Gospel of Jesus going forth by the grace given to us. We humble ourselves before Jesus and say, “Yes, LORD, your servant is listening. Send me.”

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Ruby A. Flodin

Ruby a Flodin – The Inspiration for Ruby’s Heart

“Ruby truly was the example of someone who realized that if you only have enough for yourself, you don’t have enough. If she only had one dollar in her purse, she’d some how give you two!”